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Bye, bye november

November birthday girl 🌟 My good friend Katharina turned 27 🌟 #Sápmi
Made my day few weeks ago. Had my last ultrasound, and the midwife gave me the green light to drink coffee again, being at the end of my pregnancy. So we went to the local coffeebar Risø and they made me this amazing piece of mocca art 😁🤰☕ #allthesmallthings
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Been about a year since I wrote one of my currently-lists. So felt like doing another one now in the late hours of the night 🌌🙂 Here we go, I am currently…:

November light

Reading: What’s Next: On Post Awakening Practice by Kim Pema Rinpoche. Second time I read it, just to understand it all better, as it is very technical. He describes the process of analysing your own and other people’s energy body from a tantric point of view. Highly recommend. If you click the link you find the pdf book for free.

Watching: Not really watching any series at the moment. Just random documentaries on youtube. Watched this one two days ago and found it very good. It’s on the topic of brain health. Something that interests me quite a lot, having some brain problems myself, from concussion, chronic migraines, viral infection, and neurodiversity.

Drinking every day: I wish I could write coffee. Five cups a day. But alas, I have cut the caffeine until our son is born 🖤 So currently drinking cocoa with MCT oil every day.

Eating every day: Hands down; kiwi fruits. Big craving of mine 🤰🥝 Also, blood sausage. Definitely getting my vitamin C and iron in an abundance.

Around 6 months

Happy about: Very excited about my pregnancy. It’s been so wanted for us. I almost feel like I talk and share too much about it! I feel so cute and funny looking in the mirror. Like a little hippo 🙂 I love feeling his little feet kicking. Time flies though, and it all seems a bit unreal at times. Nine months sounds so long but actually all the weeks and months just go by.. Can’t wait to meet him. It will be unreal too, I am sure. Not long now.

Not so happy about: Feeling quite raw and vulnerable. Could be the hormones. I am sure every pregnant person ever has felt this way. Fortunate to have women around me who have given birth to give advice and words of encouragement.

Thankful for: That I am actively seeking more help for my health problems. And that I live somewhere there is help to seek. It seems some changes has been made with the covid situation, but not so strict here that already chronically ill people cannot get any help. To be honest, if I didn’t have internet or media around me, I think I would not even know there was a pandemic going on. My daily life has not changed with the pandemic; my disabilities keep me mostly in one place, as has been the case for years, and my days look the same. I leave the house maybe once or twice a week and a lot of my ‘activities’ are online, chatting with friends, watching documentaries, keeping in touch with my sangha and edit photos once in a while. The only thing I have noticed is that I miss being able to travel, to go see loved ones and attend yoga retreats.

What is one or more things from the list you are currently doing?

How is the pandemic affecting you?

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Snart november

Fant meg en fin plass i fjæra til å meditere samt se på fargespillet på himmelen som alltid skjer nært mørketida.
Alle bildene er tatt med mobilen, så beklager kvaliteten 🙈
Frost 🍂
Kaldere vær betyr store jakker og ullsjal ❤ Er ikke så mange jakker som passer over magen lenger 😄🤰 Månedene flyr forbi, er allerede i siste trimester 💜🌌

Hvordan takler/liker du mørketida?

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No need to try to fit in

Photography by NS Photography ( on Instagram)🇵🇱🇳🇴📸

You don’t need to be vegetarian or vegan to be buddhist. I am not. Tantric buddhists have historically not been either.

You don’t need to be able to handle cold well or have any knowledge about reindeers to be sámi. I don’t. The old ways of life are changing, and only around 10% are herders today.

You don’t need to be eccentric to be a painter. I am not. I just like making art.

You don’t need to be good at maths or into technology to be autistic. I am not. In fact, I am so terrible at math I got extra tutoring.

You don’t need to have “everything in order” before becoming a parent. I don’t. Who does?

You don’t need to be scared to call yourself disabled if you have a chronic illness which limits you. It’s not a bad word, it’s just an explanation of your lived reality.

I am all these things and labels, but just mostly myself ❤ Or at least trying to be most of the time.

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Kom meg ut en tur idag i finværet 🌞 Fortsatt kaldt, men mye lysere og snøen har begynt å smelte for fullt.
Anskaffet meg en fredslilje. De er kjent for å være luftrensende. Elsker å omringe meg med planter. Håper jeg klarer å holde den i livet 😄🌿
4 små 15 x 15 cm lerret. Skal prøve å lage en liten sesongserie; et maleri av sommer, av høst, vinter og vår!
Solskinn og et ikonbilde fra Bulgaria.
Loke på sjeselongen 🐶
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Feeling most like myself

Always feel the most beautiful in my own handmade clothing and/or traditional clothing. Sámi hat and skirt made by me 🙂
Photos by Sebastian Wilches, edit by me.
Not sure what I am doing with my hands, I never know how to hold them…(:
Photo and edit by Sebastian Wilches (@wilchesfotografia)
Kofte and wool hat made by me
Mittens by my ‘mother-in-law’ Kristin (@dachsedilla)
Photo by Sebastian Wilches, edit by me.

Via Natural

Tried a new brand of blue hair dye, and I am very pleased so far. It’s called Via Natural and contains no alcohol, ammonia or peroxide, plus it smells really good. The color seems more vibrant than the others I have tried, and I am excited to see how long it lasts before it starts to fade into purple – like it has the other times. The color itself was very liquid, so I mixed it with a conditioner to make it easier to apply to my hair. It is also supposed to be applied to towel wet hair, which I did not see before after I already had the dye in, but it seems to have done the trick anyway! You can check out more colors from Via Natural here.

And of course the eyebrows and eyeliner has to match 😉


Have a good weekend! 🙂

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Feeling blue

Ønska meg blått hår kjempelenge, og siden nedre del av håret allerede var blondt, så var det lett å farge det! Brukte en kombinasjon av sine farger Fish Bowl og Blue Mayhem. Veldig fornøyd med resultatet, og denne typen farge (Special Effects) varer også ganske lenge – opptil flere måneder, og det er såpass mye i hver flaske at man kan freshe opp en gang i blandt før man dusjer. Trenger bare å virke i 20 minutter 🙂


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New hair


Got my hair done a little while ago by the really talented hair dresser Michelle Sofi at Miss Sofi hair salon in Tromsø. My original plan was to just trim the ends a bit, but a couple of days before my appointment, I decided to do something new, so I googled “blonde brown ombre hairstyle” and thought I needed to try it. It turned out great – I’ve never been blonde before like this (except for when I used to bleach it before I dyed it bright pink) – so it’s still weird to see blonde hair on my shoulders. It took about 4 hours to get it blonde, too, because of my red-ish ends, but I am so happy with the end result that I didn’t mind all the treatments even though it may have damaged my hair a bit. 🙂