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The body will carry you through your whole life, however long or short it will be. It will be your boat as you cross the waters of existence, and thus we should treat it with kindness and give it the nourishment it needs to flourish. If you are stricken with illness at any age, young or old, do what you can to support the body through it. If it is chronic and not possible to cure, still; treat it with kindness and nourishment, as you would a helpless child.

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Saturday thoughts on love

Love is essential for everyone to have in their life, humans as well as animals. Some choose to have multipple friends, some multipple kids, and some multipple partners, at the same time. Because love and dynamics can be so rewarding, we all at some level wish to connect and have meaningful relationships, and different people will give you different things, at different points in your path.
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Fikk endelig “møte” den lille som kommer tidlig neste år 👼
Søte samiske tøfler jeg kjøpte for litt over to år siden i Kirkenes 😊
Håndstrikket av den kommende farmor 🌹
En vintage brukt sparkedress fra Etsy
Masse fint brukt og gratis
Dundress til vinterbabyen☃️ samt liten lue og genser også kjøpt for noen år siden! Fant også en billig bra sutt på ‘Normal’ i naturgummi. 💛

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32 x 24 cm, acrylic on multimedia paper
“Dvale”. Means hibernation. Only pregnant polar bears hibernate 💙 was hard to paint her intirely inside the den, so she is just laying at the entrance waiting for her cubs.

“During the fall, if a polar bear is pregnant, she digs a den into a snow drift. She then climbs into the hole and stays there to give birth and care for her cubs for the first few months of their life. She and her cubs will not emerge from the den until the spring. Male bears and non-pregnant females continue to roam and feed throughout the winter.”

One of the absolute top animals on my list I wish to see in my lifetime.. Guess I need to head up to Svalbard for that!