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Like the rays of the Sun

Photo from Spåkenes, 2021.

The path to the light is dark. Silencing the mind through meditation allows us to feel and see the radiant light of our own basic goodness, basic buddha nature, where compassion and creativity flows without obstruction, like the rays of the Sun. – Monica Xx

4 thoughts on “Like the rays of the Sun”

      1. It’s not that hot here surprisingly only about 15-20 degrees so its much nicer than the normal scorching heat. How are you going? Much love to you and your beautiful baby 👶 hope you have a nice Christmas my dear friend


      2. 15-20°c sounds perfect! Not long ago I told a friend that 18 degrees was my favourite heat 😅 I am doing very good, thank you. Been fokusing on tantric meditation practice, writing journal and doing a neuroplasticity course called DNRS. It’s been very enhancing in life quality. Baby is also good! Growing so fast. He’ll be 1 year in 3 weeks ❤ almost walking now. 🙌🏼 How are you? Enjoying your posts a lot, when I have time to check WordPress!❤ xx


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