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Missing something I never had

Feeling the Sunday blues today, and felt like sharing some thoughts I have had for some time now. I hope I manage to articulate myself in a good manner, and hoping to hear others’ view on this as well πŸ™‚

I feel it is so important to have a sense of community and identity. A tribe of sorts. In fact, we all did up until very, very recently. You could even tell what area or region people were from by their clothing. The way they proudly wore their identity and sense of community. It is so rare nowadays that tourists will literally pay thousands to witness authentic indigenous way of life.

A wedding photo from my family tree, many generations ago in Finnmark.

It sounds silly, but I miss that. I have never had it, but I miss it. I miss traditional everyday dresses and stronger traditions. I miss women being more supported with raising children by their community. Not feeling alone in our experience. We are not supposed to raise kids alone. We are not supposed to not work together and to not rely on each other. When we don’t have that community around us, we get consumed by loneliness and loss of purpose. Just think about how wonderful it feels to have a good friend or a family member who truly cares. We are utterly dependent on our safety net.

The globalisation we see today has come at a great cost. Every month, the world loses indigenous languages. Every week, less natural surroundings and every day people feel more cut off from each other, and Mother Earth. Where will we end up? Even our diets are globalised, getting adviced to eat the same here in the European Arctic as they do in warm climates. That is not sustainable. That is not what have been practiced for thousands of generations, and what our bodies are used to.

I do not wish to naively say that all things were better before, because I do not believe that they were. I do, however, think we have lost something very precious along the way, at least in my part of the world. People who wish to reclaim their sense of community and identity sometimes even feel like a fraud or a fool for ‘taking back’ something they never personally had.

I believe that the trauma experienced by virtually all humans today by having our way of life so dramatically changed in such a short timespan, needs great healing. And only we can do that job ourselves; in our own hearts and minds.

Thank you for reading, may all beings be free and happy ❀ May communities heal and may we take better care of the planet 🌎

4 thoughts on “Missing something I never had”

  1. I definitely understand this feeling of being lost and separated from culture, I definitely agree that we humans are built to work closely a d raise each other’s children together not be far apart and using technology. Yet we never would have met without the internet! There is beauty in that too. Much love xxx


      1. Much love back to you dear friend πŸ’š yes going really well. We are now out of the covid lockdown and things have returned almost back to normal here. It has been a weird year but overall very good. We are planning a quiet and low key Christmas πŸŽ„ it will be relaxing a nice though I hope. Big hugs back you and thank you for all of your inspiring posts πŸ€—πŸ˜½πŸ’š


      2. Oh great to hear! Things are actually getting much more strict here.. Guess we are a bit ‘behind’ all the big countries. Doesn’t affect us personally so much, as we are home mostly anyway πŸ˜„ But definitely feeling the anxiousness in the air now 😷 All the more reason to practice calmness I suppose ✨❀ thank you, same to you, my friend! 🀍


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