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Sewing: handmade sámi silk shawl

Handmade traditional form fitted sámi silk shawl for my Sea Sámi kofte made with Asian brocade fabric traditionally used in buddhism. Lotus and vajra pattern in yellow and gold 😊 Turned out so nice, very happy with the result, it’s glowing in the sunlight 🙌 My kofte (gákti) is green, which will look amazing with the yellow 💛

2 thoughts on “Sewing: handmade sámi silk shawl”

  1. Your shawl is gorgeous! What a beautiful combination of Sámi culture and Buddhism. 😊
    May I ask about the origin of the pattern you are using? It is an unusual shape I haven’t seen before, and I would love to play with it if it is available.

    Did you hand-knot your fringe, or purchase it pre-knotted?


    1. Thank you so much! I love wearing it 🙂
      The pattern for sewing it I bought online from a duodji shop. (Gavpi.com) 😊
      I also bought the fringes from there I think. Would like to learn how to hand-knot though!🙌


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