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Birthday girl

My sweet, sweet, weird cat Kali turns 4 years this Spring. A bit unsure of the exact date, as she was found in a box in a ditch with her two siblings in Bodø. They have also found good forever homes, and I am so grateful that Kali is still with me, as I have lost two other cats while having her (car accident and illness). She has the funniest personality, and acts more like a dog than a cat at times. Her company is priceless, especially since I am home quite a lot. She always reacts to her name and makes the cutest sounds if you talk to her. She loves to sleep on my chest, and sit on the chair across to me at breakfast. Her eyes cross a little which makes her too cute to be angry with her when she does shenanigans – which is quite often. Happy birthday, little weirdo! ❤

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