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My top 3 favourite YouTube channels

I hope some of these channels will be helpful, they truly have not only helped me, but transformed my life.

My partner calls Andrew Huberman my “new boyfriend” because I love his content so much 😂 Huberman Lab is a channel that has truly amazing information for hormone optimalisation, excersise that works best for both sexes based on our differences, great interviews with different scientists, cold exposure, best sources for vitamins and minerals, sleep, and so much more, all under the umbrella of Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity of the brain.
Amrita Mandala is a channel filled with genuine Dharma* talks, guided meditations, direct pointing out instructions and loads more. Amrita Mandala is a so called fusion tantra lineage, where Buddhism and Hinduism meet. A channel for anyone on The Path, seeking resolve for their exsistential suffering and discontenment (skt. Dukkha), and anyone who feels like they have exhausted samsara (cyclic existence) and is looking for the Way out. (Dharma is the yogic practice of clearing out the karmic and traumatic imprints that exists inside the bodymind). From an absolute point of view, we are all already complete and perfect, but from a samsaric and relative point of view, we have a lot of junk in the system that Dharma yoga can deal with. Here is also the website.
Anna Runkle is the woman behind this exceptionally great channel, Crappy Childhood Fairy, where she offers in depth talks and answer questions regarding childhood adversities and the behaviours and patterns they create; anything from relationship problems, anxiety, loneliness/trouble making friends, over or under functioning, procrastination, low self worth, addictions etc, etc. I’ve never stumbled upon a channel that has so much valuable trauma information and personal experience and solutions shared so openly.

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