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“Dharma is less about doing, and more about un-doing in some ways. Sit simply and dismantle the self: over and over again, until you are certain it does not exist. Then rest in this simple spaciousness. With the self dissolved, and mind at rest, bodhicitta (compassion) will naturally arise in your heart. Nothing more to do.” – quote by unknown 📿💎
May all beings be free // Om mani padme hung. Each colour represent the five elements of which our world exists.

How is the last days of this year going for you? For me, they are spent in bed, as baby boy belly is growing and the extra weight and symptoms keeps me still. As I have shared before, I have post viral fatigue syndrome since ten years, so this is quite the job for the body 🤘🏻 Slow days but good opportunity for meditation and contemplation, and preparing as much as possible for the physical and emotional ordeal that is soon to come. Child birth seems like this big abstract thing other people do, but it is becoming more and more real for me every day as we are getting close to due date. Being a home for another being for almost 9 months now has been the hardest, most heart opening and tear filled journey ❤💙💚💛

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