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The Sámi sun symbol, or Sámi sun-deity (Beaivi), is associated with the fertility of plants and animals. 🐝🌿🌞🌏 (pic from 2013)

The sun is going below the horizon for two months in not many weeks and Polar night begins. I actually like the Polar night. Maybe I am just used to it growing up here or there is something nostalgic about it but there is a paradoxal warmth and safety in this dark period and snowy blanket that covers everything. Every winter you can see especially two constallations in the night sky. Little Bear and Big Bear. I remember being a kid, dressing up in my warmest clothes and shoes, go outside and completely incase my little self in compressed snow as tightly as possible and stare at the constallations for hours. It’s said that the Arctic is named after the greek word for bear, Arktos. Maybe there is a connection there.

6 thoughts on “Arktos”

    1. It’s pretty beautiful and special in my opinion💙🌌 But I do know people who really dislike it and even struggles a lot with just the lack of light and routine that can follow. We even have a word for it, it’s “døgnvill”. Hard to translate but means something like “crazy from the day and nights” (Døgn means the 24 hours. And vill is wild or crazy.)


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