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DNA test updated

Logged into my FamilyTreeDNA profile today and discovered that the percentage and accuracy has been updated! There was unknown percentages and no mention for example of slavic DNA last time, so I guess they are always evolving in accuracy🙏🏼 Wonder how it will look in a year or so!

‘Finland’ also contains other Uralic/finno-ugric subgroups like kven and sámi, which is my family tree mostly. Surprised about the Slavic though 😀
Map of origins
Map of origins

Have you ever done a DNA test? What did you find and how did it affect your view?🌍

12 thoughts on “DNA test updated”

  1. Hello Moncia very interesting results you have. I also had some interesting and unexpected results from doing the Ancestry DNA test. I am 10% Norwegian, 22% Scottish, 18% Irish, 48% Maori/Polynesian and the 2% various things. My mother’s family are are all pale and blonde, I guess this is where the Northern European parts of me come from, although she is unaware of much of her family’s history and my father is Maori his family have lived in New Zealand since the first canoes sailed over from the ancient land of Hawaiiki. So I am around 50% Indigenous 50% Northern European.


    1. Cool! Did your result actually say Norwegian? I thought it would say Scandinavian 😀 did it show specifically from where in Norway? Would be awesome if you went to visit your roots one day 😊
      That’s a good combo, I have never heard of Hawaiiki, have to google that 🌍
      Do you feel very connected to your ethnicity, culture and roots?✨

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      1. I can’t remember if it says Norwegian or Scandinavian to be honest will have to have a look at it again. Interestingly…it changes over time as more results come in from Ancestry. Yes would be so cool to come there one day. I have always been fascinated by cold and icy places, given I was born in very hot place hehe – Australia. Currently I am reading a book about the ancient legend of the Island of Thule called The Ice Museum, a very cool book, I would recommend it.
        I grew up in Australia completely separate from my Maori culture and my language, it was only as an adult (after travelling all over the place) that I moved to New Zealand and felt like this was a place of Turangawaewae (a place to stand), everyone has this, it could be the place of your ancestors, or your adopted homeland. Hawaiki is a legendary and mythical homeland from where Maoris and Polynesians came from. See more of it here, they navigated across the Pacific to get to New Zealand 🙂


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