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Changing, changing..

Portrait by my partner with my new camera 😊
45 x 55 painting, acrylic on canvas. Sold 🙂
Sun symbol painted on my denim vest 🌿 Sápmi flag sewn on my bag 🌸

Did you know only around 30% of the whole sámi population speaks/write one of the sámi languages today? The longlasting banning of the languages caused identity crisis for many, but I am happy it is changing slowly 🐢 I feel proud to be part of the generation that is reviving our own culture, with not only language but art, clothing and music too 💚

5 thoughts on “Changing, changing..”

  1. I’m really happy that there’s a revival on sámi language these days 🙂 it must be interesting to be part of a culture so rich like that Monica 🙂 may I ask you, would you like to be part of this rubric I develop in my blog called ‘locals’?? it is basically about one revealing what likes the most about his town (prefferible not the touristy ones, but as a local) and also letting know any cultural events 🙂 here are two examples:

    It would be awesome to feature someone from Sámi culture 🙂 let me know about your interest, if you’d like you can email me to

    thanks a lot and have a great week, PedroL

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      1. good morning Monica and thanks for your message, I just checked your email and… it´s so fantastic and truly interesting to read 🙂 also the photos eheh thanks a lot 🙂 I am planning to post it on the 25th, saturday 🙂 thanks again Monica 🙂 have a lovely weekend, PedroL


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