First post

Hello, and welcome to my homepage/blog!

This is something I have been thinking about making for the last year or so, and finally I got around to do it. A webpage/blog where I can share pictures from photoshoots and more in-depth thoughts and ideas, and also use it as a platform for creativity (painting, sewing, photography etc.).

11951320_10205214906632440_2214110104064313140_n – Kopi
Acrylic on canvas. 45 x 55 cm

I am bilingual so I will be writing in both English and Norwegian depending on my mood and on my message. I could not decide on one language, and only sticking to one would be to limit myself. As you can see in the menu bar, I also have a shop where I will be selling different creations.

Purple velvet dress, handmade.

I love taking pictures and to model (especially my own clothes) so I will be posting my own photography and pictures from photoshoots. I am in addition to this very into spirituality, philosophy, meditation and other stuff which I think needs to be explored in this lifetime. I am a firm believer in not limiting oneself, so this blog will be about pretty much everything I feel like sharing. Anything from buddhist philosophy to make-up videos. And perhaps some cat pictures. I hope you will follow me onwards and feel free to use my pictures so long as you credit me.

Blue shell earrings, handmade.




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